Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time to Get this Started: Only Took Me 2 Years After I Created It.

A good friend of mine that I was fortunate enough to catch up with last night told me today, "I mentioned you in my blog!" Aside from being flattered, I thought to myself, wait a second, I think I started a blog once...something about Saturn Return...hmmmm. So instead of preparing to see my patients in just a few short hours, I sought out to find this blog that I vaguely remembered. God bless google, it still exists. The irony: I would have given it the exact same title had I created it this morning.

So why Saturn Return you are wondering...you being my non-existent readers that is. The term Saturn Return is something I came across several years ago on one of MY favorite blogs, 'The Frisky'. Essentially, it refers to the period of life between 27 and 31 when the planet Saturn returns to the position it was in when you were born. Saturn, supposedly, does a full rotation in about 29.5 years, marking the end of the first cosmic cycle of your life. This time period is eerily often marked for most with major life changes, unrest, beginnings and endings of relationships, beginning and endings of careers and general 20-something-year-old angst.

So yes, sadly, two years after I initially created this blog with great intentions of a literary masterpiece, I would still call it the same thing.

Here's some fun articles on all the wonderful things you may be experiencing during this time period. Hey, at least you know it's not just you, right? The latter is my personal favorite.