Friday, September 23, 2011

That's Me, I'm Alex!

As I embark upon my third go at the blogosphere, I thought a good place to start would be to tell you a bit about myself and what I intend to write, muse, ponder and expound upon on here.

I'm Alex and in a short week and a half I will be turning 29. This idea of the "Saturn Return" as previously posted about, has always intrigued me as I feel as though my glorified twenties while fun have been anything but smooth sailing.

I'll start by telling you I'm a Marriage and Family Therapist and am eternally grateful that I finally found my calling in life career wise. This is my third career move in six years, albeit this one required a Masters degree and a nice chunk of loans from the federal government. The previous ones in chronological order were writer and marketing coordinator/director sending me bouncing around the country from California, to New York City, to Charleston, South Carolina and back to San Diego awkwardly filling entry level positions that I knew were not stepping stones for me.

I've lived in TEN apartments/town houses/etc. (and even one friend's couch in Brooklyn, NY) since I graduated from college and have finally learned how to pair down my growing amount of material belongings before each move. I've been engaged (Scarlet Letter E) and had my heart broken a few times as we most have, but none so much as to leave me permanently damaged or feeling as though the right person isn't out there. I fully intend to cover the dating game and relationships on here FYI. I'm a marriage therapist, what did you expect?

I have a secret penchant for self help books, shhh...and the Twilight series. I hate conflict, most forms of exercise, barnacles, reusing the same towel, and insurance companies. And I love Diet Coke and red wine, as long as I'm confessing vices here.

What do I plan to write about? Not totally sure yet. Most likely books I'm reading, relationship issues, what I can tell you about my career without having HIPPA breaking down my door, music and the little I know about fashion but glean from those around me.

These upper twenties years are filled with change, uncertainty, exciting prospects for the future, failed and working relationships, some first gray hairs, first 401K plans and watching your friends become husbands and wives, professionals, mothers and fathers and dare I say it, adults. I thought this would be a good forum to discuss this overlooked time period in our lives.

I also SWEAR I will not write this much every day. I have a good friend coaching me on this whole blog thing and she tells me brevity is where it's at.

So go forth not-yet-thirty somethings and make the best of these years while you're still looking so damn good!

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