Monday, October 10, 2011

I've Been a Very Bad Blogger/ Check Out My New Kicks!

So I went and did exactly what I swore I would not do and got all gung-ho about my blog for the first couple weeks and then fell off the face of the earth. Shame on me. I must admit, finding the comments on the below article featuring my beautiful baby made my night (Thank you ladies!)

So in my defense.. this blog is about Saturn Return, and I DID turn 29 last my life must be in complete chaos now officially and I was totally distracted by all the cosmic unrest I was subjected to, right?....You are not buying this, clearly.

Actually, I had a fabulous birthday thanks to wonderful family, friends and my adorable boyfriend. There was food a' plenty, thoughtful gifts, beautifully written cards and several glasses (cough, bottles) of wine drunk over the course of the celebration. I am truly blessed with a great life right now and I really can't complain...Who am I kidding, I'm a girl, I'm sure I can find SOMETHING to complain about!

In lieu of my birthday, I bit the bullet and finally made a purchase that I have been wanting to make for several years now and bought the elusive and over-priced Tory Burch ballet flats (thanks Mom and Dad for the Nordie's gift card)!

These are the ones I bought...Nothing too crazy.

And here are some other new ones from this season:

How do we feel about Tory Burch? Hot and you have to have'em? Over-priced and your pinky toe is squished and uncomfortable? Thoughts, ladies?

And thank you for your patience with me as I get this blog a'rollin!


  1. happy late birthday! i think you should have gotten all those Tory Burch shoes!! :)
    I love the ones you got.


  2. How did I miss your birthday?!!!! I'll make it up to you on Thursday by getting your drunk and cooking you dinner ;) Happy birthday sugar plum!

  3. Oh I love those you got!!! Did you get them at the Tory Burch sample sale?

    Happy B-day!

  4. ban!!! i just bought a fake tory burch bag in bangkok :/ and right after i bought it, i realized it looked really fake and just felt really dumb about the whole thing. in other news, the shoes are amazing! and in other, other news - you have a blog! i love it :)

  5. i love bootssss! :)
    great birthday - hope it was awesome!